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Study shows popular cosmetics contain heavy metals

By Riley via Wikimedia Commons


Lead, arsenic and cadmium sound more like a chemical-laden concoction rather than ingredients found in popular cosmetics. But a new study by Environmental Defence Canada, via the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, reveals that these toxic heavy metals have been found in 49 popular cosmetic products tested and none of these heavy metals were listed on the label.

The study tested 49 products from popular brands like Laura Mercier, MAC, L'Oreal, Mary Kay, and Sephora and found that 100 percent of the products contained nickel, 96 percent contained lead and 90 percent contained beryllium. Only one product, Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust (Solar), was found to not contain a single metal of most concern...

..."Individual exposures to these metals in small amounts are unlikely to cause harm, but heavy metals can build up in the body over time and may increase risk for a variety of health problems," the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reports. Meaning, if you're using cosmetics laden with heavy metals on a daily basis, or more than once daily, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Read the full article at Treehugger

OR download the original report from Canada's Environmental Defence


Natural anti-aging beauty tips

Cosmetics are known to contain numerous chemicals, and the Daily Green points our that it is especially important to find non-toxic eye creams.

"You should be very careful about what you’re putting in the eye area, as the skin is much thinner there, and it absorbs substances 40-times more rapidly than elsewhere" says New York City-based holistic dermatologist Dr. Alan Dattner.

It is always nice to find some alternatives. Check out The Daily Green for some tips.




Chemicals of Concern


The story of cosmetics


Annie Leonard's great video The Story of Cosmetics shows how pervasive toxins are in our health and beauty products.

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